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    crss.exe is not harmful, its an essential...

    crss.exe is not harmful, its an essential Windows process.
    There was a hoax a while back saying that it was harmful and needed to be deleted, but in reality if you terminate the process your PC...
  2. You can add a new user without needing a...

    You can add a new user without needing a Microsoft ID:
    Go to Settings > Control Panel > User Accounts > Add or remove user accounts
    From there you can add a new user without a Live ID
  3. How can I change the way Windows Explorer works in Windows 8?

    I'd like to change some of the setting in Windows Explorer in Windows 8, for example opening folders by single clicks rather than double-clicking, and opening folders in new tabs rather than in the...
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    Bring back the start button

    You can get a Windows 7-style start button by installing Classic Shell. Its free and includes a start button for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. It allows you to customize the look and feel of Windows...
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    error 651 Windows 8 network

    After performing a new installation of Windows 8 on a machine I tried to connect it to a network, but got an "error 651" message:
    Error 651: The Modem (or other connecting device) has reported an...
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    Thanks, I didn't realize RAID card's didn't...

    Thanks, I didn't realize RAID card's didn't support two terabyte drives.
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    Using 2TB drives with LSI 8308ELP

    Hi everyone,
    Weve been having a problem at my workplace and I cant find any solutions on other forums.
    We have an old RM server which wed like to use as a backup device. It has an LSI MegaRAID...
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