It's no secret that the recent Microsoft Windows 8 OS has left consumers wanting more, and Microsoft has been working tirelessly to create something new that will leave its customers feeling more satisfied than ever. Unfortunately, many customers have been lost to other OS platforms in the meantime – and Windows 8.1 could be the “make it or break it” product that helps them to gather some of those consumers back, as well as pleasing those who have stuck it out with them in their time of trouble. Here are 6 reasons why Windows 8.1 might be Microsoft's last chance for redemption:

1. Windows 7 is still useful – and also still somewhat new. It works better than Windows 8, and if it proves to continue in that direction with regards to 8.1, Windows will be out of compelling reasons to encourage consumers to upgrade.

2. Windows 8 has been problematic – and proves that Microsoft is really good at ignoring everything that consumers want. Windows 8.1 is their chance to make up for that huge, glaring error.

3. PC makers are unhappy with Windows – many PC providers have lost revenue on products which were previously installed with Windows 8. Windows 8.1 gives Microsoft a new chance to prove to these PC makers that “Windows sells!”

4. PC sales are slower than ever – and PC makers are not going to fool around with products that don't bring in the cash. Window 8.1 could ensure Microsoft's spot on the docket for PC makers.

5. Apple is taking over – at least, in a small percentage of the market. But, the increasing growth and success that Apple has to show for itself has Window's resellers (and Microsoft itself) a bit nervous. They are losing a corner of the market which Windows 8.1 might bring back – or lose forever.

6. Tablet sales are soaring – and a tablet with a sturdy 8.1 installation could become a hot ticket item.

Windows 8.1 has a long way to go in improving the unfortunate reputation Windows 8 has left in its wake. Hopefully it has been constructed as carefully as Microsoft claims – because one more bad Windows experience could damage their market corner forever.