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Thread: Turn on Numlock by default

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    Turn on Numlock by default

    Iíve just installed a new version of Windows 7 Ultimate for the first time on a PC using UEFI Boot.
    Everything works fine, except for one problem Ė Num Lock is turned off by default when I boot up, but I want it turned on.
    Sometimes Num Lock even turns itself off while Iím using Windows, for example if I log off then log back in NumLk turns itself off.

    Can anyone help me turn it on by default?

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    I have a solution that should work.
    First, use the NumLk key to turn Num Lock on.
    Then, open Run by pressing the Windows Key + R
    Type regedit and hit Enter
    Navigate here:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Keyboard
    Double click on InitialKeyboardIndicators
    Enter the number 2 to set Num Lock on by default

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    Thank you very much for your solution.

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