Though the release of Windows 8.1 back in October helped to quieten some of Windows 8s critics, Microsoft hasnt finished working on updates to its operating systems. The software giant is currently working on a set of major updates to be released in spring 2015. The codename for this project according to ZDNet is Threshold.

The codename Threshold was reportedly used by Microsoft's Executive Vice President of Operating Systems Terry Myerson in an internal email. Like Microsofts Cortana (comparable to Apples Siri), Threshold takes its name from an entity in the Xbox franchise Halo, in this case a planet.

Threshold is expected to include updates to Windows operating systems across multiple devices, including PCs, phones, and the Xbox. Microsoft is looking to bring these operating systems closer together where possible, and is planning to create a single app store to service all platforms.

In addition to this, Microsoft also has the goal of closing the app gap by 2015. A significant problem facing Windows Phone is the lack of apps available when compared to rival Apple and Android systems.
"We're all gonna look back at the end of 2014 as the ending of the app gap for Windows Phone. The third ecosystem is decidedly here," Windows Phone manager Joe Belfiore tweeted in November.

Microsofts performance in 2014 and 2015 will be critical for the companys long-term success. Research firm Gartner predicted in June that Microsoft would fall behind Apple in 2015, with the Redmond company struggling to keep up with the change in computer usage and the rise of tablets and smartphones.