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Thread: The Audio Service Is Not Running

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    The Audio Service Is Not Running

    I’ve been getting this message recently for no obvious reason:
    “The audio service is not running"

    I haven’t installed anything recently or changed any settings, so I don’t know why this is happening.

    I also get this message when I click on Playback Devices in the volume settings window:
    “No audio devices are installed”
    My device manager however does show the audio devices I have installed.

    Can anyone help?
    I’m running Windows 7.

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    The best fix to a problem like this is to restore your PC to a time when everything worked normally. You said the problem has only begun recently, so you shouldn’t need to restore to a point a long time ago.
    See this tutorial for how to do System Restore in Windows 7:

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    Thanks, System Restore was a straightforward way to fix my problem. My PC is once again recognizing my audio devices and I no longer get the “The audio service is not running” message.

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