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Thread: Windows 9 planned for release in 2015

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    Windows 9 planned for release in 2015

    Just three months after the release of Windows 8.1, Microsoft is working on a new Windows operating system. Codenamed “Threshold” and scheduled for release in April 2015, the operating system aims to win over disaffected PC users unsatisfied with Windows 8.

    “Threshold” was previously thought to be a Windows 8.1-scale update, but technology journalist Paul Thurrott revealed on January 11 that the project is likely to become Windows 9 as Microsoft attempts to “distance itself from the Windows 8 debacle.”

    Microsoft’s vision for the new operating system is expected to be presented at the company’s Build conference held in San Francisco in April 2014 in what would demonstrate an increase in openness about the company’s plans.

    Windows 8.1, a free update released in October 2013, was an attempt to silence critics and win over users to the Windows 8 experience. However, it is used on fewer than 25 million PCs worldwide, a statistic that prompts Thurrott to label the update “a disaster”.

    Windows 9 is expected to go one step further than Windows 8.1 in addressing PC user’s concerns with Window 8. Thurrott expects closer integration between the Desktop and Metro applications, and the return of the Start menu. Some commentators believe Windows 8 is the stepping stone to a successful operating system just as Windows Vista prepared the way for the success of Windows 7.

    Despite such optimism, the news that Windows is planning a new operating system that will solve all its problems creates a feeling of déjà vu. After all, Windows 8 was touted as the operating system to propel Microsoft’s success in the smartphone and tablet markets – success which is yet to come. Subsequently, Windows 8.1 was to be the update to fix Windows 8, yet Windows 8 remains an unpopular operating system.

    If the April 2015 release date is achieved, the lifespan of Windows 8 is likely to be shortened in the same manner as Windows Vista. In the meantime, a Windows 8.1 update is expected to be released as soon as April 2014, though specific details are not yet available.

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    I think that with Windows 9 Microsoft need to make a version of Windows that is great for business.

    Windows 8 is optimized for touchscreen tablets etc., but Microsoft's key market is businesses, most of which won't be using touchscreen tablets any time in the near future. Microsoft can't afford to alienate these users with a touch-friendly OS.

    Perhaps Microsoft should develop Windows in two different directions: one for mobiles and tablets, and another for PCs and business users.

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    Windows 9 planned for release in 2015

    Steam has an MMX early access for 30. Released last August. Is that what I have to buy to get the full version?

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