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Thread: PC disappearing from LAN

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    PC disappearing from LAN

    I've got a local network at home with 1 router, 5-6 computers and some gadgets connected through wifi.

    I've got an issue with one of the pcs with win eight.1, let's cthe only thing it computer a. When i boot it, it's connectable from the other computers using its local ip address. But after some hours it usually disappears from the network, and i am only able to connect to it using the router's external ip and port forwarding.

    By "disappears from the network", i mean that it is still connected to the router and to the internet, but none of the other units on the network is able to connect to it in any way.

    Computer a can always connect to the the other computers on the network and to the internet.

    The issue is solved if i reboot computer a, so at the moment i've got a scheduled task to reboot it every night. Unfortunately, sometimes it disappears from the local network after only some hours after boot.

    I've not been able to discover any other solution except reboot, and i have no clue where to start debugging this issue.

    Turning the firewevery one off on computer a does not help.

    I'd be thrilled if anyone has any suggestions to what may cause this problem.

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    It could be the network adaptor shutting down to save power etc.

    Have you attempted adjusting the power options settings in the cp and the power management tab of the intel adaptor, uncheck the one that turns off power.

    If these settings have no effect you could've an issue with the hdd.

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    Thank you for putting in the effort to answer.

    The pc is connectable over the internet, so the network card isn't turning itself off.

    To be clear:

    I can always connect to the pc using its internet ip (and port forwarding on my router)

    I can just connect to the pc using its internal ip for two hours after boot.

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    I had the exact same issue. Could connect to and from the machine on reboot, could browse network from machine and surf internet but could not connect to the machine after variable amounts of time. After turning off power management as above i have not had the problem again.

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