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Thread: Windows 8 problem 2 monitors

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    Windows 8 problem 2 monitors

    I’ve got a windows eight problem with two monitors. I've got my pc display connected to nvidia 645 dvi output and i've got a tv connected to nvidia 645 hdmi output.

    I use the nvidia configurations to clone the two monitors.
    I switch the sound using playback devices.
    Everything works well.
    That's, until i turn my tv off and reboot windows eight with my tv off.

    The win 8 restart sometimes hangs/forever.
    Or, if win eight does start, then running desktop apps hang/forever.
    Desktop apps just sit on the taskbar and nothing runs on the desktop.

    All i need to do to remedy start failure (or remedy desktop apps not running) is unplug the hard diskmi to tv cable.
    That isn't an elegant solution because i need to setup dual monitors all over again to be able to watch tv.

    Any suggestions for a fix?

    One of my main reasons for buying a new computer is the hdmi output to tv. Before this i was using a dvi-to-hdmi adapter to send video and spdif-out optical to send audio. That setup was clumsy. But more than it worked more than one time.

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    Even when your television isn’t set to view the HDMI output of the PC, but say for example, the wire box instead, windows should do everything automatically and well. It ought to react to that.
    An issue could be the cloning rather than extend desktop.

    Maybe set nvidia settings back to default then use windows to set your monitors how you’d like them.

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    I agree. Before shutting down hit the Windows Key + P, then choose ‘PC only’. When you’d like to duplicate do the same but choose ‘Duplicate’ instead of ‘PC only’.
    Hope this helps

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