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Thread: Does installing Windows 8.1 create new registry?

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    Does installing Windows 8.1 create new registry?

    My registry is so untidy after lots of uninstalls that almost all the important updates of Windows Eight have failed.

    I checked my registry with “registry first aid” and it discovered lots of errors and displayed yellow and red flags.

    It’d be wonderful if a fresh installation of win 8.1 would remove the entire registry and create a new one, as I would like to avoid the last solution I used which was to reset my laptop to factory settings on Windows Seven.

    Thank you

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    Yes, installing Windows 8.1 will clear the registry and give you a new, clean registry. However, a more straightforward and easy method to clean your registry would be to try a tool such as CCleaner. Have you used any software to clean your registry?

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    Thanks for your reply.

    I prefer not to use registry cleaners such as CCleaner as I find they're too indiscriminate with what they delete - it can be dangerous to use registry cleaners as they can delete important things. I do find CCleaner useful for deleting cookies and temp files, but don't want to risk cleaning my registry with it.

    Thanks for explaining that installing Windows 8.1 will clean the registry, I think I'll go down that route.

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