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Thread: 5 ways to use tablets effectively in your business

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    5 ways to use tablets effectively in your business

    A lot of businesses are rushing into buying tablets, without thinking through how to use them effectively to boost their organization's productivity.
    Here are my tips:

    1. Use tablets appropriately
      If your employees are working at their desks all day, don’t replace their desktop/laptop with a tablet. Desktops are still more powerful than tablets and a larger screen and better keyboard will increase productivity.
    2. Buy the right machine
      Make sure you buy the right tablet. While tablets are being used more and more in enterprise, many are still geared towards entertainment. Make sure you buy a powerful tablet with essential software such as Microsoft Office. The Surface Pro 2 is a powerful machine made with the business user in mind.
    3. Get a good deal
      Many companies will offer incentives to companies looking to purchase multiple tablets at once. Mobile broadband companies also offer attractive deals to keep your team connected while their out and about.
    4. Provide tablets to your remote/mobile workers
      Tablets are great for mobile employees such as sales representatives. Providing a tablet to supplement a desktop or laptop is a great idea for these employees.
    5. Stay safe
      Every business’s data is valuable and must be kept secure. Tablets potentially present a security risk as employees will be transporting sensitive data around and accessing the internet via unsecure networks. Make sure all tablets have up-to-date antivirus software installed and are protected by strong passwords. Many businesses use VPNs to ensure communication between employees is secure.
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