Microsoft has launched yet another incentive to tempt Windows XP users to upgrade to a new Windows 8.1 device. Despite the looming date for the end of support for XP, April 8, Windows XP is still the second most used operating system in the world after Windows 7, and many users are unwilling or unable to upgrade to a new machine. The new $100 discount will be available until June for Windows XP users to claim on purchases of Windows 8.1 PCs that cost over $599.

The offer will only be available to Windows XP users who can present their device in-store. Since Microsoft stores only exist in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico, the offer is unlikely to make a significant dent in global Windows XP usage figures, since older operating systems are far more popular in the developing world.

The new $100 discount on Windows 8.1 machines is intended not only to safeguard customers from the potential hazards of sticking with Windows XP, but also to boost the struggling sales of Windows 8/8.1 devices. PC users have been reluctant to upgrade to Microsoft’s newest operating system, which has been subject to significant criticism. Microsoft has tried various tactics to boost sales in recent months, including previously offering a $50 discount to Windows XP users, and even offering to buy Apple customers’ iPads in exchange for a discount on Microsoft Surface tablets.

All of these offers come with multiple terms and conditions, and are typically only available for North American customers. Those living outside this region, as well as those preferring to upgrade to Windows 7, will be disappointed.

The offer can be claimed at the Microsoft Store, and is available from now until June 15.