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Thread: Can't watch DVDs in Windows 8

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    Can't watch DVDs in Windows 8

    When I put a DVD in my Windows 8 laptop it doesn't do anything.
    It doesn't seem to recognize the disk.
    Also, when I go into Windows Media Player I can't open the DVD and play it.
    How do you watch DVDs in Windows 8?
    Thanks for the help.

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    Windows 8 doesn't come with built-in support for DVDs, so you need to install some additional software.

    You can download VLC Media Player for free, which will allow you to watch DVDs in Windows 8.

    Another option is to buy the Windows 8 Pro Pack for $70, which comes with codecs for DVD playback in Media Center.

    CyberLink PowerDVD is a popular DVD playback software that costs about $50 and will also let you play DVD movies in Windows 8.

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    Thanks a lot, I have downloaded VLC player and now DVDs are working great in Windows 8.

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