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Thread: Speakers work but headphones don't - ASUS laptop

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    Speakers work but headphones don't - ASUS laptop

    I have an ASUS laptop with a Realtek HD audio card.
    Speakers and headphones used to work fine, but now only the speakers work. When I plug headphones into the headphone jack the sound continues to come out of the laptop's speakers.
    Why don't the headphones work?

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    I had the same problem on my laptop.
    Here's how I got the headphones working again:
    I went to device manager and opened 'Sound, video and game controllers'. I then right-clicked on my Realtek High Definition Audio card and selected 'Uninstall'. I then restarted the machine and it automatically reinstalled Realtek audio, but this time the headphones and speakers both worked correctly. Now when I connect my headphones a window comes up saying 'which device did you plug in?'. You can remove this window by unticking the box next to 'Enable auto popup dialogue, when device has been plugged in'.

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