EqualizerPro is the product many of us have waited a long time for!

It’s a music equalizer that works with any audio application you use on your PC.

Many programs, like iTunes for example, have their own built-in equalizer but the problem with that is they only work when you are using that specific program. There is now finally a product on the market that allows you to control your listening experience regardless of how you’re listening.

You can be watching videos on YouTube, listening to the radio on a streaming website, or watching a movie on your computer and EqualizerPro will enable you to enhance the audio on all.

EqualizerPro’s interface is clean, sleek and very user friendly. You can manually adjust the bands with great ease to achieve your optimal listening level. You can create your own custom presets once you’ve perfected your sound or you can use one of the 20+ pre-programmed presets.

At 14.95, EqualizerPro is super affordable.
There is a 7 day FREE trial of the full version so you can take it for a test run before buying!