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Thread: Samsung 840 vs 840 pro

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    Samsung 840 vs 840 pro

    840 pr comes with a 60 month warranty against 840 with 36 months. Where should I pull the trigger?
    What do the performance tests say? am ho heavy user..

    I am confused whether I ll get a good value for the extra buck I put in for 840 pro. Makes sense going for 840 pro?

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    840 should be okay. Why spend extra money needlessly just for warranty.

    I use 830 and it works pretty well. You wont even notice the performance difference between 830 and 840 unless you test them. Leave alone the diff between 840 and 840 pro.

    You've stated that you're no heavy user. I guess any SSD would do the job for you. It makes little sense to go for 840 Pro.

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