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Thread: Laptop does not boot!

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    Laptop does not boot!

    My laptop doesn't boot up!

    Kaspersky found a threat and few minutes later it crashed. Windows automatic startup repair cannot detect any problems and it cant fix this.

    How can I fix this without using recovery management?

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    What exactly is the error? You can fix it without recovery.

    Use sfc/scannow, chkdsk and fix bootmgr. Try starting windows in the safe mode or last known good configuration and restore it.

    If that doesn't work, you ll have to go with the recovery. The Virus must have stayed in your HDD for a while and when that happens, windows files get corrupted.
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    Laptop does not boot

    HideMYAss for Laptop / Does it work
    I am willing to buy it but i am not sure it will work on my laptop with WiFI
    Please if anyone use laptop with Wifi Connection post only if oyu sure it works

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