My friend has been running an X4 965 overclocked to 4.5ghz for a while now but has now upgraded to a M5A99FX Pro R2.0 mobo. He only uses it for tinkering and benchmarking. He also owns an identical PC tuned to 4.3ghz regular computing.

The reason why he jumped ship from 965 to a FX8350 seemed easy, but he keeps noticing different benchmarks that him wander if it is an improvement from the massive OC on the Phenom. e.g, he thinks he can have a higher 1m and 32m SuperPi on HWBot with the 965 than he has found anyone post using only air cooling on their 8350. This is a relatively newer chip, so perhaps that is only a matter of not having enough people running it yet.

So do I keep playing with the 965 and hang on till the next batch of AM3+ chips, or go straight in on the 8350 pickup right now?