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Thread: Overclocking Newbie

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    Overclocking Newbie

    I do not have much overclocking experience apart from what I have seen in videos. Before I try out anything I want to confirm with you so that I do not mess. Ok, can a laptop be overclocked?
    My laptop has the below specs:-

    HP Pavilion dv6
    Intel Core i7
    Windows 7
    600GB Hard Drive
    8 GB RAM
    HP Coolsense

    I actually want to somehow be able to overclock my laptop abd I want a simple method of how to do it.

    Please help

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    Its not possible to carry out the type of overclocking that you are thinking about. OC will literally kill the battery life and buildup heat that your CPU cooler may not be able to handle.

    Anyways a majority of OEM laptops do not have overclocking options. Consider a turbo.

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    Whats a turbo???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alpachino View Post
    Whats a turbo???
    The turbo boost driver in installed with windows 7 and 8 it dynamicaly increases the speed of the cpu as needed, nothing for you to do

    Run cpuz and see what it shows for you - with and without an intensive programm running in the background

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