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Thread: Samsung Green Ram

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    Samsung Green Ram

    Samsung green is a low profile Ram but I have heard a lot about it. Besides positive reviews, overclockers are liking it too. What so special about it ?

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    It blends in with any build. There isnt any heat spreader, which allows it to sit a tiny bit further apart in the slots and avoid contributing too much radiation to the slot next to it. With two sticks in, they will be separated by a slot. So there is no problems about heat.

    The 30nm class, 240 pin DDR3 SDRAM VLP unbuffered DIMM is supported for 1.35V and 1.5V voltages. It makes it a cool RAM to play with!

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    When we talk about RAM, Samsung is probably the last brand that comes to our mind. But Green Ram is an exceptional RAM!
    Wish they came in 8GB sticks, as with the low voltage, overclocking 4 sticks should be smoother.

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