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Thread: System restore can't be completed

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    System restore can't be completed

    Each time I try restoring the computer it says System restore unsuccessful. Have tried it with multiple restore points but every time I end up getting this error. What is all about? I haven't faced a similar issue before. It's a problem with my laptop with windows 7.

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    Virus attack has corrupted your files and that's why Windows cant complete the restore. Run a full scan in safe mode. Follow this by creating a new restore point.

    It's unlikely you ll get the restore points back.

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    Actually, there are several reasons for unsuccessful or interrupted system restore. The first one, as H.geek said, is maybe a virus attack. But it could be just a conflict with another program, so here the safe mode is also a solution. Such programs could be some versions of Norton security applications, Zone Alarm, Real Player or some other heavy and whimsical software.
    Before starting the System restore, be sure you've backed up the files in this folder:C:\Documents and Settings\{user}\Application Data.
    Have a nice time and good luck!

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