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Thread: iPods & hearing loss: Form An opinion

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    iPods & hearing loss: Form An opinion

    If its true that the use of computers and other gadgets can affect your health, who is responsible in ensuring that your health is protected? your Government? You? Hardware manufacturers?

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    Well, if you see the manual of any phone, it is clearly stated that using earphones at high volume can affect your hearing. It is no hidden fact that prolonged use of earphones may cause hearing loss. However, it does not mean that earphones cause hearing loss.

    1. Ideally the volume should be 50%,
    2. if you are using earphones with 80% volume, do not use them for more than a couple of hours a day
    3. Always use branded products, cheap Chinese ones are good for nothing except the price.

    Manufacturers issue guidelines as directed by the government. Also there are endless articles about the same. So, it would be unfair to blame them. Awareness is the catch..

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