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Thread: Insufficient space for backup

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    Insufficient space for backup

    On my dell Vostro laptop I cannot complete backup. Recently replaced the hard drive. I created a drive(20GB) for backup but the error is 'Insufficient space'. The size of the backup is just 12GB and I am wondering why it requires more space than that. Would also like to know how can I make backup in external DVDs. Is there a feature in windows backup or would I require a utility?


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    Anthony, I was waiting for this problem.

    I have been unable to find the exact solution. What you can do is use Norton Ghost. It uses the same service as Windows. It is reliable and now my stop for backup.

    Go for it and you wont be disappointed.

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    I highly recommend you to create backup in an external drive. Use DVDs instead. Wont take no more than 3-4 Discs. If you create backups in your HDD, that can go corrupt during a virus attack or if your drive fails.
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