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Thread: Haswell Chips

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    Haswell Chips

    I am one overclocker who is anxiosly waiting for the new haswell cpu to come out before I upgrade.

    I was really upto replacing my AMD 955 - 790FX board to i5/Z77 but seeing as the new case i'm after corsiar 900d doesn't come out untill april I have decided otherwise, then my buddy to tells me about the apprent June 2013 release of the haswell chips. I have definitely opted to wait rather than get older stuff again.

    Let me hear your thoughts about the new chip and the new 1150 socket...

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    You can choose to wait or get an IVy or Sandy which is next to nothing. Both are good depending on how they clock.

    As for th haswell chip, there are all indications that June/July will be the launch.

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